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  2015 Winner "Short Story
  for Children" -  Marin
  County Fair, California

About Silly Science Series and the Power of Science
Adventures of Tag, the Farting Power Plant is Maya and Martin's big debut. What began as a fun and silly daydream story to explain renewable energy and to include our dog, Tag has now evolved into a series.  Maya and Tag are joined by their friends, Gigi, the Chihuahua, Spidey, the Scottish Terrier, and BunBun, the bunny. Silly Science Series are fun and colorful picture (bilingual - Spanish) storybooks that make reading them enjoyable and makes learning science fun, for all age kids, boy and girls. Since Maya is one of the main characters, other young girls can see her as a strong role model that girls can enjoy science and be good at it!

More excerpts, games, experiments and printouts are soon to come--so come back soon!

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-Excerpt from the book, Tag, the Farting Power Plant- Volume One, Silly Science Series, Environmental Sciences, Renewable Energy.

After every meal, Tag would run into the farting hut and do his magic while at the same time the farmers’ machine would collect the methane energy from Tag and change it into electricity to power his family's house!

Silly Science Series