Silly Science Series

Volume #1 - Renewable Energy

Tag, the Farting Power Plant is the first in a series of fun and silly science (bilingual - Spanish) books for children of all ages. Unlike most science books, the Silly Science Series, engages the reader with colorful images, creative and funny animal characters we can all relate to. Maya is the smart young girl explorer that loves science and uses it to solve the problems she and her friends get into.  Click here to order your copy.

More facts, games, experiments and printouts are soon to come--so check back soon!

             Biology (Botany)     *     Physics      *     Health Sciences / Nutrition   *     Astronomy     *     Chemistry

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Featured Authors: Martin & Maya

Martin and Maya Thisner are a father and daughter writing team living in a small town in Northern California, with their dogs, Tag and Gigi (Spidey and BunBun do exist, but live nearby.) Martin enjoys learning cool science facts and Maya loves botany and poking gooey things with a stick.
Tamara Antonijevic is an accomplished illustrator, with over 30 book credits to her name. She lives in Serbia with her family.

Maria Rosas - Spanish translation.