Silly Science Series

Silly Science Experiments & Activities

Quick Experiment - Renewable Energy

Have an adult help you out here if you need to. You will need a sheet of paper, a paper towel, three straws and some tape. Make a boat out of a sheet of paper (you may need to look this up) and then cut the paper towel into a triangle for the sail.

Now tape the straws on the ends of each side of the napkin and then tape the bottom piece to the boat and tape the upright straw so it stays in place. Now take it to a lake, a fountain or river but it needs to be outdoors. You can build a boat with a friend and then race them by using the wind (the more wind the better) or you can blow on them if there is no wind. Wind is a renewable energy that is free and powers sailboats.

Wind can also move windmills to make electricity. Your boat is moving and re-using the wind energy from our planet. Good job!

Activities - Renewable Energy

 Again, have an adult help you out here. Find a local farm or any business that recycles methane into power and have your class visit them on a field trip. Your classmates will be happy to get out of the class!

Use Renewable Energy to Save Energy

Here are a few ways you can re-use energy in your home.

  • Dry clothes outside during warm days to avoid using the dryer (dryers use a lot of electricity).
  • Install solar panels for your home (ask parents permission!) or other solar powered things, like flashlights, fans, radios, etc.
  • Use the power of the wind with small windmills. Some can be used to power a home appliance.